Why Is It Not Always Worth Using Online Casino Bonuses?

One of the strategies most used by casinos to attract new customers and keep them loyal is the offer of special bonuses. Deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, cashbacks and free spins are highly sought after by everyone who wants to guarantee greater rewards during matches. These are features that ensure extra credits for betting.

The welcome bonus is very appreciated by all those looking for online casinos. Generally, double the amount in credits is granted on the amount deposited. But can bonuses actually make you profit, or are they traps to get you more money? See below our review and evaluate the effect the casino bonus has on you.

Bonus Withdrawal Restrictions

Casinos are big companies that offer incredible rewards to users. Despite this, they don’t want to lose money easily and usually make withdrawals conditional on meeting certain conditions. However, some sites have unfeasible terms and proposals.

For that reason, we advise players to read this section of the betting page to avoid the mistake of choosing a bad bonus. Consider the following aspects in terms of:

  • Rollover : among the conditions that say a lot about the quality of your premium is the rollover value. For example, you will find many pages that consider a 40x rollover. This means that if the bonus is $20, you will have to spend $800 to withdraw the balance.
  • Maximum Bet Restriction: Companies also limit the amount that can be spent on a match. This means that if you want to make bigger bets with the active bonus, you won’t be able to.
  • Withdrawal Amount Restriction : Cash in some offers is limited. It can be disappointing to start participating in a profitable match and then realize that it is impossible to withdraw the full amount of winnings.
  • Games Restriction: Many available games are restricted, and only the options indicated by the casino will count towards the fulfillment of the rollover. If your favorite sport is off the list, maybe matches are just as much fun for you.


To avoid bonus withdrawal problems, it is necessary to know the market and research the best options. Reading the terms is mandatory and will indicate whether access to the prize will be viable or not. Unfortunately, many people simply grab the bonus without worrying about whether it will really bring the expected profitability.

Read our reviews and find out which are the best options and instead of just focusing on bonuses, keep your focus on finding online games with good earning possibilities. Also, the most viable withdrawal conditions are available in our reviews. Get to know the casino and be sure to find out about the pros and cons of the company’s bonus system. This is paramount to ensure a pleasant experience.

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